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Financial Guaranty Insurance Company ("FGIC") is not currently engaged in the business of writing new insurance policies or financial guaranties.   If you are approached by any person purporting to sell or offer new insurance policies or financial guaranties issued by FGIC, or to collect premiums outside the ordinary course, please notify us at

On June 19, 2020, FGIC sold its entire ownership interest in its UK insurance subsidiary, FGIC UK Limited.   The purchasers informed FGIC that they have changed the name of the company to Financial Guaranty UK Limited, and the new contact details for the company are as follows: Financial Guaranty UK Limited c/o Midwest Holding Inc., 2900 S. 70th St., STE 400, Lincoln, NE 68506, Attn: Jennifer Hegemann; T: 402-489-8266 Ext 226, E:, with a copy to: